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Covered All Over
Songs: Allah really love me-Covered all over-I was just a lonely man-Muslim Lulaby Society-It's Him- 10 songs
just $ 15.00
   Children of The World
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Songs: ABC'S-Allah Did- Clap your hands-I'm a little Muslim child- Muslim Lullaby-Spell Allah- Who- I was bron a Muslim
just  $ 15.00
             Life ain't no game
Songs: Assalamu Alaikum- Life ain't no game- When does no mean no-society- Let it go-lady wine-o - said -heart and Soul
just $ 15.00 
​Allah did coloring book
This colorong book is based on the song Allah( God) deal with the basic questions all children have about themselves and their world. who did it? God did. order today, just $ 5.00
Respect for self and others is the noble way!
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              The Family Life
Songs: The Adhan- Allah will show the way- Ramadan- Eid - Allah's Great World- 
Shining Bright- Soldier - The Family song
Just $ 15,oo
 coming soon a new sound
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The requirement of Nature is Purpose
This lecture is based on the standard set by Allah(God), on human nature. It helps you understand human nature.- just $10.00
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The Resurrection
This lecture helps you to understand  the relationship between life and death. why you can't have one without the other. just $10.00
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This lecture is a complete understanding of why we are here on earth, and our purpose for being here. You will enjoy it.
Understanding Purpose
                                        The Resurrection